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Strengths Based Coaching

Your Eyes Are In The Front Of Your Head For A Reason

Strengths Based Coaching

Strengths-based coaching shares a common language and practical framework that builds trust and a deepened understanding for yourself, teams and organizations bringing greater success in life and at work.

Awareness Building

Raising self-awareness is the first step in identifying your natural talents and increasing your confidence of “What is Right With You”. Take this opportunity to explore your strengths and build self-awareness for yourself and others.

Connecting with you to Achieve Success

People intentionally leading with their STRENGTHS are:

6x’s likely to be engaged at work!

7.8 % more productive in their role!

3x’s as likely to have an excellent quality of life!

6x’s as likely to do what they do best every day!

8x’s more likely to ‘BRING IT’ while doing what they naturally do!

Strengths Based Coaching

Looking at “What Is Right” with ourselves and others creates a mind shift to positive intention resulting in increased energy and productivity.

Awareness Building

Self-awareness is the first step to understanding your natural abilities and how you can build on them through talents and strengths.

Action Planning

Creating an Action Plan with a Strengths Coach leverages your Strengths bringing positive outcomes.

Strengths Toolkit

Create your personal toolkit of Strength techniques you can practice and use on a daily basis adding value to your health and life overall.

What are you waiting for…

What are Talents?
What are Strengths?

Talents are a naturally recurring pattern of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied.
Strengths identify as an ability to consistently produce a positive outcome through near-perfect performance in a specific task. To finish with strength, start with talent.

Strengths show up as a combination of talents, you will see this after you discover your Top 5. Strengths combine Talents, knowledge and skills that every person possesses. People use these innate traits and natural abilities in their daily lives to succeed in their work, relate with others, and to achieve their goals, true story!

Themes are neutral

No one theme is better than another, kind of like super heroes. One might be strength of fire while another may have a strength of sensory knowing how to read people and how they may respond.

Themes are not labels

labels typically lead to a negative connotation and Strengthsfinder is founded on the guideline of positive pursuit of natural ability

Lead with positive intent

Living in the balcony of your talent / theme is rewarding when done with positive intent

Differences are an advantage

support and aligning with our team mates to bring a full compliment of talent to any given situation is what makes a team strong over all

People need one another

to be able to work together and bring success to the team and organization.

About Me

Marilyn is an Erickson Professional Certified Coach, an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaching Federation as well as a GALLUP Certified Strengths Coach.  She specializes in taking individuals, teams and organizations to the next level of awareness and understanding in both their individual strengths and the strengths of their team.  Marilyn is a resultant who ensures results, she prides herself in enabling people with an application of STRENGTHS so they know how they contribute ongoing through their natural abilities bringing personal and work satisfaction!

My Strengths Clients


For many years I was focused improving my weaknesses. Even though I invested a lot of time and training I was not making a lot of progress. I actually reached a point when I felt like my “wings” were not getting up in the air anymore. It all changed when I met Marilyn. She introduced me to Strengths finder concept and helped me discover my profile like I had never seen before. Marilyn helped me shift my focus and change perspective on life. Marilyn helped me fly again. Thank you, Marilyn !!

Sanja Stojanovic


“We had the pleasure of introducing and welcoming Marilyn to our BCODN community through the power of strengths! Marilyn facilitated an informative and fun session for us to raise awareness around our personal strengths and as well, different ideas for bringing strengths into the workplace. She brings her with a wealth of knowledge and practical tools on using strengths every day. Her passion for the work is hard to miss! “

Raya Rahbari

VP, Professional Development , BCODN Board Member – Vancouver B.C.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marilyn as a strengths based coach for years and recently hired her to work with our HR Team. Her positive coach approach helps others see what is working to identify their strengths, talents and preferences and the results encourages development for individuals and teams alike.

Lisa Ryan

Director of Organization. Development at BCIT

My experience with both Marilyn and StrengthsFinder was energizing. Marilyn created a positive classroom experience through her genuine passion and belief in the Gallup methodology. We learned how to appreciate and successfully leverage our strengths as a leadership team. The experience was so positive that we invited her back to facilitate a subsequent session with our global HR leadership team. I would recommend Marilyn to any organization who is ready to focus on the positive!

Jenine Ellefson

Vice President, People at Goldcorp Vancouver, BC, Canada

Discover the Best Version of You. Take the online assessment to discover your Top 5. You owe it to yourself to allow your natural talents to shine.

As a Humanologist, I love the SHIFT WORK I do, seeing people find that ‘AHA’ moment when they see themselves for who they truly are is extremely rewarding. 

I invite you to give yourself this gift of Strengths and explore the Best Version Of You.  Once you raise your awareness you will increase your level on consciousness beyond your current belief.

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You deserve to discover your Strengths! Join over 20 Million People who have discovered their Strengths and are living a life of intentional choice bringing so much happiness and success in their lives.