Congratulations! Discovering your strengths is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself.

My top 5

Raising your personal awareness allows for new beginnings with yourself and others. This journey promises to be a positive experience and below you will find the next steps on your path to your Top 5.


Steps on your path:

1) Purchase the Strengths Finder 2.0 book.  It is a small book to read, I promise.

2) Read to page 31, yes you only have to read to page 31. The rest of the book is reference information only to all GALLUP 34 themes, they will come in handy later on.

3) Once you finish reading to page 31 go to the back of the book and there will be a pocket you will open to find the online code that will let you take the online strengths assessment the GALLUP strengths center website that will give you your Top 5 themes.

4) Follow the instructions on the site and do the online assessment which will be about 25 – 30 mins in length.
Note – The assessment goes from question to question quickly so answer as quickly as you can, follow your gut. The average time you have to answer each question is 20 sec.

5) Once you complete the assessment you will receive your Top 5 Themes. Take some time to read them and go through the reports that GALLUP shares on the site where you took your assessment. There is an important report I strongly suggest you read through called the INSIGHTS report, this report is personalized JUST FOR YOU.

6) Connect with me, your Strengths Coach so we can set up time for your 1:1 Debrief. This is a 45-60 min conversation sharing your thoughts about your Top 5 and me sharing important information that will help you further down your Strengths Path.

Simple!! 6 easy steps to discover your strengths, raise your awareness and change how you look at yourself and the world around you.

**You can also ask to purchase just the Code vs the book and skip straight to step 4 for the Online assessment. Click here to go to the Gift Shop to purchase the code.