” Individuals and organizations are always stronger when they have their success and strength clearly in mind” ~ Donald Clifton

Personalized Strength Coaching - 1:1 Debrief Top 5 themes

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Once you have your Top 5 themes book your 60 mins session to explore your Top 5 themes, what they mean and how they contribute with your unique talents.

This is a very powerful discussion that aligns a new glossary of terms to your current thinking and invites a mind shift to positive intent and intentional thinking. It is amazing what you learn about you, I highly recommend this session to deepen your understanding of your newly raised awareness.

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Code for StrengthsFinder 2.0 book

By purchasing a code, you are unlocking your potential to discover your natural abilities bringing awareness to your talents and strengths.

There is the option to start with your Top 5 Themes, all 34 themes or upgrade to all 34 themes if you already have your Top 5.
I am able to offer a discount on the code by emailing me at marilyn@mytop5.ca. I will get back to you with next steps.